Zee Date     Draft List

*****Updated 03.20.17*****

Weihenstephaner Hefe     $7

Refreshing Wheat Beer, Freising Germany. 19.0 oz, 5.4 ABV

Von Trapp Helles Lager     $7

Bright Easy Drinking Lager, Stowe VT. 16.0 oz, 5.4 ABV

St. Bernardus ABT 12     $10

Abbey Quad, Watou Belgium. 12.0 oz, 10.0 ABV

Smuttynose IPA     $6

American IPA, Portsmouth NH. 16.0 oz, 6.7 ABV

Radeberger Pilsner     $6.50

Crisp, clean German Pilsner, Radeberg Germany. 16.0 oz, 5.0 ABV

Peak Organic High Note     $7

Wheat beer brewed with lemongrass and spices, Ipswich MA. 12.0 oz, 5.5 ABV

Peak Organic High Note     $7

Wheat Beer brewed with lemongrass and spices, Portland ME. 12.0 oz, 4.5ABV

Ommegang Rare Vos     $7

Amber Ale, Cooperstown NY. 16.0 oz, 6.5 ABV

Notch Left of the Dial     $6

Session IPA, Salem MA. 16.0 oz, 4.5 ABV

Nightshift Whirlpool     $8

Hoppy American Pale Ale, Everett MA. 16.0 oz, 4.5 ABV

Nightshift One Hop This Time     $8.00

Juicy IPA brewed with Ella Hops, Everett MA. 16.0 oz, 6.0 ABV

Mayflower Golden Ale     $6.50

Crisp and Dry with Slight Malt, Plymouth MA. 16.0 oz, 4.5 ABV

Left Hand Milk Stout     $7

Creamy Delicious Stout, Longmont CO. 16.0 oz, 6.0 ABV

Kent Fall's Field Beer     $8

Mixed Fermentation Saison, Kent Falls CT. 12.0 oz, 5.0 ABV

Idle Hands Klara     $7

Pale Golden Lager, Everett MA. 16.0 oz, 5.6 ABV

Idle Hands Brunhilda     $7.50

Munich Dunkel Lager, Malden MA. 16.0, 5.5 ABV

Guinness     $7

Irish Dry Stout, Dublin Ireland. 20.0 oz, 4.2 ABV

Del Ducato Oud Brunello     $11

Flanders Oud Bruin brewed in collaboration with Oxbow, Italy. 12.0 oz, 5.0ABV

CBC Charles River     $7

Robust Porter, Cambridge MA. 16.0 oz, 6.0 ABV

Brooklyn Lager     $6.50

Red Lager, Brooklyn NY. 16.0 oz, 5.2 ABV

Bantam Rojo     $7

Semi Dry Cider finished with sour cherries, Somerville MA. 13.0 oz, 6.0 ABV

Almanac Mandarina     $7

Tart Saison brewed with tangerines, San Francisco CA. 12.0 oz, 4.5 ABV

Allagash White     $7

Belgian Style Wit Beer, Portland ME. 16.0 oz, 5.5 ABV

Abita Turbodog     $6

American Brown Ale, Covington LA. 16.0 oz, 5.6 ABV

Bottle Cellar

VanderGhinst Oud Bruin     $8

Medium Bodied Belgian Sour with slight sweetness. Bellegem-Kortrijk Belgium. 11.2 oz, 5.5 ABV

Unibroue Fin Du Monde     $14

Belgian Tripel, Chambly Quebec. 25.4 oz, 9.0ABV

Sprecher Root Beer     $4

Milwaukee WI. 16.0 oz

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale     $5.50

American Pale Ale, Chico CA. 12.0 oz, 5.6 ABV

Schneider Aventinus     $10

Weizenbock. Rich with notes of banana. Kelheim Germany. 16.9 oz, 8.2ABV .

Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier     $12

Munich Helles style lager with slight hint of smoke. Bamberg Germany. 16.9 oz, 4.3ABV

Saison Dupont     $9

Saison/Farmhouse Ale. Golden, crisp and refreshing. Tourpes Belgium. 12.7 oz, 6.7ABV

Rodenbach Grand Cru     $18

Oak Aged Belgian Sour, Roselare Belgium. 25.4 oz, 6.0 ABV

Rochefort 10     $11

Belgian Quad, Rochefort Belgium. 11.2 oz, 11.3ABV

Orval     $9

Belgian Pale Ale brewed with Brett. Villers-devant-Orval, Belgium

Nogne O Dunkel Wit     $14

Dark Wheat Beer, Grimstad Norway. 16.9oz, 10.0ABV

Narragansett Tall Boy     $4

Light locally brewed lager, Narragansett RI. 16.0oz, 5.0 ABV

Mahr's Ungespundet     $10

Delicious German Lager, Bamberg Germany. 16.9oz, 5.2ABV

Lindeman's Framboise     $10

Raspberry Lambic. Viezenbeek Belgium. 12.7 oz, 4.0 ABV

Leipziger Gose     $8

German Sour Wheat Beer brewed with salt. Leipzig Germany. 11.2 oz, 4.5ABV

Julius Echter     $7

Classic German Dunkelweizen, Wurzburg Germany. 16.9 oz, 4.9ABV

Heineken     $5

Euro Pale Lager, Zoeterwoude Netherlands. 12.0 oz, 5.0 ABV

Fritz Briem 1809 Berlinerweisse     $14

Traditional Sour German Wheat Beer, Freising Germany. 16.9 oz, 4.5ABV.

Estrella Damm Daura     $6

Gluten Free European Pale Lager, Barcelona Spain, 12.0 oz, 5.1ABV

Downeast Cider     $6

Grown-up Apple Juice, Leominster ME, 12.0 oz, 5.1ABV

Dieu Du Ciel Grande Noirceur     $10

Imperial Stout, Montreal Quebec. 11.5oz, 9.0ABV

De Ranke XX Bitter     $9

Belgian IPA, Wevelgem Belgium. 11.2 oz, 6.2ABV

Clausthaler N/A     $3.75

Non-Alcoholic Beer, Frankfurt Germany. 12.0 oz, <.05 ABV

Brunehaut Organic Blonde Beer     $8

Gluten Free Belgian brewed with 100% Organic Barley, Brunehaut BE. 11.2 oz, 6.5 ABV

Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet     $9

Belgian Tripel, Buggenhout Belgium. 11.2 oz, 8.4ABV

Birrifico Nora     $11

Spiced "Egyptian Style" Saison, Piozzo, Italy. 11.2 oz, 6.4 ABV

Amstel Light     $5

Euro Light Lager, Amsterdam Netherlands. 12.0 oz, 3.5 ABV

Allagash White     $6.50

Witbier, Portland ME. 12.0 oz, 5.2ABV

A.J. Stephans Ginger Beer     $3.50

Fall River MA, 12.0 oz

Petrus Aged Pale     $9

Belgian Sour aged on oak for 24-36 months. Harelbeke Belgium. 11.2 oz, 7.3 ABV


Vovetti     $9/$30

Prosecco, Italy

Reunion     $9/$32

Malbec, Mendoza Argentina

Paul Autard     $9

Cotes du Rhone, FR

Parker Station     $8/$30

Pinot Noir, Central Coast CA

House Red - Sette Fenestre     $6

Montepulciano - Marche IT

Haut Marin     $7/$25

Ugni Blanc, Gascogne FR

Domaine de Bernier     $9/$32

Chardonnay, FR

Dibon Cava Brut Reserva     $7/$25

Champagne from Spain

Di Lenardo     $8/$30

Pinot Grigio, Italy


Stout Float     $12

Rotating Stout, Christina's Vanilla Bean, Bailey's Irish Cream

Root Beer Float     $11

Christina's Vanilla Bean, Sprecher Root Beer, Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum

Red Sangria     $8

Housemade Red Sangria with cinnamon and fresh fruit

Penicillin     $11

Blended Scotch, Peated Scotch, Fresh Lemon, Honey Ginger Syrup

Old Fashioned Tom Cat     $11

Bar Hill Aged Gin, Cherry, Orange, Bitters

Moscow Mule     $8

Bully Boy Vodka, Lime Juice, AJ Stephan's Ginger Beer

Irish Coffee     $9

Irish Whiskey, Bailey's, Coffee

House Margarita     $9

Agavales Blanco, Cointreau, Fresh Sour

House Manhattan     $11

New England Gunpowder Rye, Carpano Sweet Vermouth, Bitters

Hot Toddy     $8

Irish Whiskey, Honey, Lemon, Cloves

Dark & Stormy     $8

A.J. Stephan's Ginger Beer, Plantation Dark Rum

Caipriniha      $8

Muddled Lime, Sugar, Cachaca